STEP 2: Purchase a sUAS

​Deciding on the right tool for the job is important. Set-up should be quick, efficient and dependability is a must. sUAS are defined as small aircraft that weigh up to 55 lbs. TC Freeman, Aviation Safety Specialist, RPA, gives the following recommendation by stating, "I think everyone goes through the stage of learning to fly, not wanting to crash an expensive asset. Therefore, first buy an inexpensive drone just to learn (don't forget to order extra props an batteries). After gaining proficiency you can feel comfortable upgrading to a professional, mission capable, aircraft. This might seem aggressive, skipping a mid-price range unit, but the truth is sUAS are like manned aircraft, the more expensive models are typically easier to fly. Professional models have features such as; auto-land, stabilization and autonomous flight maneuver capability. Which pro-model is best? Our recommendation is to stick with a top brand that has a proven track record and will have support that only an established brand can offer. Most of these brands will have the features required for your specific operation, like FLIR, FAA compliant night lighting systems (waiver required) and more.

​While pro-sumer aircraft may serve a law enforcement department there may be a need for more advanced features, such as a sUAS with very high level signal and software security. We are in the process of evaluating these platforms and will give our recommendations very soon on this website. 

1st Step: Earn FAA Part 107 Certification with our study guide.

Even if you have aviation assets a sUAS can be

on-site while other resources are enroute. 

The FAA has made it easier for law enforcement agencies to add drones as an asset with Part 107 certification. The original application process, called a 333 exemption, required a time consuming and complicated letter writing campaign requesting exemption from FAA regulations.

As of August 29, 2016 the process is streamlined, consisting of a taking an FAA test, called a Knowledge Test, for Remote Pilot certification. Get our FREE information about how to go about getting certified by clicking here.

If you want to get certification as quickly as possible get our study guide, or click on the book image.

TC Freeman (right) presents a Remote drone Pilot Certification course for NC SHP officers (AVL July 2017).

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Let small Unmanned Aerial Systems

(sUAS), a.k.a. drones, do recon before putting officers in harms way.