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Remote Drone Pilot Certification Study Guide

TC Freeman, RPA Aviation Safety Specialist

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that best describes you:

*I am a hobbyist drone pilot and want to make money with my aircraft.

*My company just bought a drone and wants to put it to use in the business.

*I work for a law enforcement agency and want to put drones in our operation.

*I work for a governmental agency and want to use dones in our organization.

*I am a teenager (or teacher/educator) and would like to make money with my drone.

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-Remote Drone Pilot (RP) Study Guide to pass the FAA RP Certification Test (called a Knowledge Test).

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-Knowledge Test (KT) prep help via the facebook private group.

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The RemotePilotAssociation (RPA) is about helping people start their own Unmanned Aircraft (UA) business. We don't just get you started we help band like minded folks together for continued support and learning. If you are just a guy or gal with a pro-sumer quadcopter or a governmental agency (like law enforcement) the opportunities are boundless, to the tune of an $82.1 Billion dollar business (2015-2025). Yes, that is Billion with a B!*

This organization was started by a fellow that was taught to fly manned aircraft as a boy by his father. TC Freeman (tc@tcfreeman.com) was raised in an aviation family handling the controls of an aircraft before he could qualify for a driver’s license. (read more...)

Contact: TC Freeman, Aviation Safety Specialist, RPA.