"TC has been in the aviation training and education industry for over 20 years. Highly recommended for his extensive work and knowledge developing the Remote Drone Pilot Knowledge Test Study Guide."

                        ~Stephen Martin, Martin Aircraft

The RemotePilotAssociation (RPA) is about helping people start their own Unmanned Aircraft (UA) business. We don't just get you started we help band like minded folks together for continued support and learning. If you are just a guy or gal with a pro-sumer quadcopter or a governmental agency (like law enforcement) the opportunities are boundless, to the tune of an $82.1 Billion dollar business (2015-2025). Yes, that is Billion with a B!*

This organization was started by a fellow that was taught to fly manned aircraft as a boy by his father. TC Freeman (tc@tcfreeman.com) was raised in an aviation family handling the controls of an aircraft before he could qualify for a driver’s license.

After High School he attended Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) earning an A.S. Career Pilot/Aviation Management. Shortly after graduation he received a Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor certificate as well as a Multi-Engine Rating. He taught flying and eventually went back to GTCC gaining another A.S. in Aircraft Systems Technology (Airframe and Powerplant certficate). In 2013 he completed the goal of attaining a B.A.S. degree from Campbell University, Reseach Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina. 

For the past 20 years TC has been employed as an Aviation Safety Specialist for the government presenting education and safety programs to pilots, Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) and the general public. He served as a pilot on the Cessna 441 Conquest aircraft which lead to the attainment of an Airline Transport Pilot certificate. 

TC serves on the Advisory Board of the Wayne Community College Aviation Systems Technology program, NC Aviation Museum (Asheboro, NC) and the NC Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Safety Group.

Presently he is working on new video and writing projects, specifically an aviation safety program for drone and full scale pilots.  TC's first ebook, “How To Save Money On Flight Training” was published in 2012 followed by audio presentations, "Operations at Non-Towered Airports" (2013) and "Pilot and Aircraft Performance (2014). 

We look forward to making your aviation dreams come true!

Contact TC Freeman, Aviation Safety Specialist, Remote Pilot Association at: tc@tfcreeman.com.​

*UA Economic Impact (2015-2025). Source: “The Economic Impact of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the US,” March 2013, AVUSI

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