Get Your Part of this $86B Industry.

If you want to make money with your drone or use a drone in your job, you will need to earn commercial drone certification,

called FAA Remote Pilot (Part 107) Certification. We can help!

Our passion is helping drone pilots and aspiring drone pilots start their own business or use drones in their existing job. We don't stop at certification but offer many opportunities such as:

  • How to start your own drone small business and mentorship by our membership.
  • Commercial drone certification, called FAA Remote Pilot certification, prep-courses in easy video and eBook formats taught by an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor with over 30+ years in the aviation industry.
  • Budget friendly membership, starting at the price of a cup of coffee, where you will get regulatory updates, exclusive member content (you don't want to miss our RPA Member Resource Guide).
  • One-on-one consulting we allocate 5 hours a month to member questions, for example mission planning around complex airspace. 
  • Networking opportunities with fellow drone small business owners


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Remote drone Pilot Certification Prep-Course

Making money with your drone requires earning a commercial license, called an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate. We prepare you for the FAA test, called a Knowledge Test with our self-study course consisting of:

  • 12 modules of video lessons
  • Practice quizzes and test
  • Easy to understand lessons taught by an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor with 30+ years experience in the aviation industry.
  • Study at your own pace on a home computer or tablet.

Want to have your own Drone Training Business?

Do you have a passion for drones and teaching? Do you have some real-life experience (ie. drone business, long time hobbyist, manned aircraft pilot, etc.)? Partner with us to teach Remote Pilot Certification Course using Remote Pilot Association's classroom tested material. Low up-start investment. Call TC Freeman, RPA Chief Instructor, at 919.619.6828.


TC Freeman, RPA Chief Instructor

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Flying a Drone at Night? Use this course for your training and re-current training. 

*Night Flight Training also available.

One-On-One Flight Training

Burlington, NC Area

TC Freeman, RPA Chief Instructor

Remote Drone Pilot Certification Study Guide


RPA can dispatch a knowledgeable speaker

to your next event, podcast, or webinar! We can speak on a variety of topics such as:

  • Starting a Drone Small Business
  • How to Earn Remote Pilot Certification
  • Opportunities in the $84B Drone Industry.
  • Drones, transportation and the Future of Aviation
  • Setting up a Drone Department in your Organization
  • Drones for Good, with technology comes great responsibility.

Contact Us for more information.

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To emphasize the advantages of one-on-one flight training we will paraphrase a couple of our customers:

-If I'm going to spend $1,400 on a drone I better learn from an expert." 

-I want to learn about flying and the drone I'm thinking about purchasing. Better to learn on your drone than buy one and be disappointed. 

Limited Time Special $199

We can train you on your drone or fly one of our DJI Mini SE drones, a great way to try before you buy. In this flight training session clients will learn:

  • Set-up and pre-flight.
  • Adjusting settings in the App interface.
  • Checking aviation airspace and "no-fly" zones.
  • Basic flight skills.
  • Safety principals.
  • Working as a flight team.
  • Maximum altitude flight, maximum legal distance flight, flying near obstructions. 
  • Emergency scenarios.

Contact Us to schedule flight training. BTW, we also offer small group training.

*Limited time special session is approximately 1.5-2 hours.